Thursday, December 14, 2023

Lavender's Blue...

If I'm not dyeing, I'm weaving. If I'm not weaving, I'm playing with clay. If I'm not playing with clay, I'm playing with plants...20 years ago I had a lavender nursery. I sold other herbs too, but lavenders where my first love. 16 years ago, my house and land flooded, catastrophically. The house was ok, but the plants ended up somewhere at the bottom of the River Trent. I was pregnant at the time, and the subsequent years were busy - my focus was on parenting and using the land to grow enough food to feed us.

My cunning plan, on moving to North Wales, with a teen who no longer needs the same levels of supervision, was that I would start to gather lavender plants again, particularly the tender, species ones. With half a greenhouse (the frame is up, we haven't got as far as the glass yet) I started saving so I could treat myself in the spring.
The best laid plans...
The lavender nursery who's pages I stalked, who had a wonderful array of the plants I wanted, suddenly announced their immediate retirement and closure of the nursery. The only plants available where those still on the website. No, I've nothing against the hybrid lavenders - some of them are amazing plants - but they were not what I was wanting
I took a deep breath, tamped down my dislike of emailing complete strangers and - frankly - begged!
It was worth it. Not only did I get to talk with 2 of the most lovely people I know of, but look what just arrived!
Introducing Lavandula buchii, L. minutolii and L. rotundifolia.
The tiny is L pinnata who I found as an orphaned scrap on a garden centre floor. No parents were in sight, so I brought it home to be cared for...

Finally, I have my lavenders back!

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